Lanier Tech LPN Summer 2013 - page 3

Anyone applying? Have you taken the NLN test yet? Scores? I am taking mine in December. Finishing my prereq's fall and spring semester. Nervous! I am more nervous about the commitment once you... Read More

  1. by   RedHeaded2bNurse16
    Results... Not Reuters!
  2. by   njspringmist
    Quote from LaraleighF
    They told us early February back in December. So hopefully very soon. Did you apply for Oakwood or Forsyth?
    Hi. I applied to Oakwood. It's Feb16th and I'm still waiting to hear. I think the classes start in May so it shouldn't be too much longer.
  3. by   njspringmist
    E=RedHeaded2bNurse16;7175179]Anyone who took the NLN in January get their Reuters yet??? I'm still waiting it was two weeks yesterday![/QUOTE]

    Sorry you haven't gotten your scores yet. I know you are very anxious. You should call Mrs. Burdeshaw. She can help you get the scores.
  4. by   njspringmist
    Anything yet?
  5. by   RedHeaded2bNurse16
    I got a 98%!! Woo-hoo!
  6. by   RedHeaded2bNurse16
    Also I spoke to the school today and they said acceptance letters are going out this week!!
  7. by   LaraleighF
    Awesome!!! Woohoo! We will have to be study partners if we both get in! Congrats on a 98! AWESOME!!!

  8. by   RedHeaded2bNurse16
    Let me know when you get your letter!! I have a feeling we should both make it!! Good luck!!
  9. by   njspringmist
    Quote from RedHeaded2bNurse16
    I got a 98%!! Woo-hoo!
    Congrats! and Good luck!
  10. by   LaraleighF
    Gosh I hope so! Keep me posted on your letter as well! I hope they come tomorrow!

  11. by   RedHeaded2bNurse16
    Any news? Still waiting! I keep checking school email too!
  12. by   LaraleighF
    Not yet. Hoping I get a letter today. I figured they wouldn't get them out yesterday b/c of the holiday Monday.

  13. by   LaraleighF
    No letter today.