Kennesaw State Fall 2013 Applicants

  1. Just wondering if anyone out there is planning to apply to Kennesaw State for the Fall of 2013. I know the deadline is 3 months away, but I wanted to get a thread started for anyone interested in discussing the process as we go along!
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  3. by   Jajmgraham
    Count me in! I'm so ready to get the process started.
  4. by   Melodious
    Wonderful! I'm glad to have you here. Have you already taken your TEAS? What about your many more do you have to complete?
  5. by   Jajmgraham
    I am taking my last pre-reqs right now besides Chemistry. I have to re-take my chems because they are too old. (and they're A's ) I've taken all my general core classes mostly so I really hope I get into the program the first time around...I have taken the TEAS once and made an 87.3 and I have a 4.0 competitive, 3.63 cumulative. I felt I could've done better on the TEAS and I might retake it. How about you? I can't believe it's time to apply! I've been working so hard this year to get to this point and now it's time!!!
  6. by   melodious82
    I have all the pre-reqs completed except AP II, micro, and sociology. I am finishing up my AP II class this semester and then I take microbiology in the spring. I am still not sure whether I will have to take sociology. I am hoping that they will let me slide on that one because I have a bachelor's in psych and a master's in counseling. Do you have any idea if they'll let me get away with not taking sociology?

    I am really not sure what my gpa is right now because I have taken many more classes since my undergrad and graduate school days. I had a low undergrad gpa (3.16) and a decent grad gpa (3.6), but I currently have a 4.0 in all the sciences. My TEAS was 88.7%. I think both of our TEAS scores are high enough to get in, based on what I saw of the spring 2013 applicants. It will just depend on everything else, combined with our applicant pool.
  7. by   Jajmgraham
    Are you applying for traditional or accelerated? I would go in and speak with them about substitutions for Sociology. I'm taking it right now online at Chattahoochee Tech. If you do end up having to take it, I have the BEST professor and it's been the easiest class I think I've ever taken.

    I feel good about my numbers but I'm still nervous because like you said, it just depends on the applicant pool. Your numbers are great! I think I'll feel better if I re-take the TEAS so at least I know I did everything I could. It seems like most people do a little better the next time around.
  8. by   melodious82
    I'm going to go the traditional route. I did a job shadow experience with some nurses at Northside hospital and they encouraged me to do that because you're able to get more clinical time. They said the accelerated programs just don't help graduates feel quite as prepared for the real world.

    What about you?

    Who's your sociology teacher? I'm actually taking my prereqs at Chatt Tech and was planning to take the class online next summer, if I'm required to.

    Just out of curiosity, what TEAS score would make you feel good about how you did?
  9. by   Jajmgraham
    I didn't realize it was less clinical time but that definitely makes sense. I'm going traditional as well. I read somwhere we arent supposed to use real names on here so is tgere a way you can inbox me? He is such a nice guy and I highly recommend taking it online. It's really easy to get ahead. I think I'll be done with the class by the end if the week. As for the TEAS... I know an 87.3 is really good but I'm a perfectionist and really wanted a 90. I missed a few questions on science that I knew but my brain was so scrambled that I second-guessed myself.
  10. by   melodious82
    Apparently, you cannot send a personal message to someone if you have not posted 15 quality topics on the site. I guess you could email me? My email is just my username [at] aol dot com. I don't know if they're weird about email addresses...hopefully I don't get in trouble!
  11. by   Kcoleman1
    I will be applying as well.
  12. by   Pleasepickme
    I applied too. Does anyone know when we'll hear back?
  13. by   melodious82
    Since the deadline is not until Jan 31, I am assuming we won't hear anything about interviews until late Feb, early March. And if we get interviews, I think we won't know the final answer until May. I'm just estimating based on what I remember reading from another applicant pool's thread.
  14. by   justpeachy2107
    I'm planning on applying, too. Not sure if I'll get in because I haven't been the best student. Figured it was worth a shot though! Has everyone else already taken the TEAS?