Kennesaw Spring 2013 applicants - page 24

It seems way early to be posting this, but the application deadline actually isn't too far away. Is anyone else applying to KSU for spring 2013 admission? I've requested to be considered for the... Read More

  1. by   WhiteSnoopy
    We will get the letter either way. The last semester we got letters on Wednesday. I don't mean to depress anyone. Those who got excepted received an email on the same day too. Good luck everyone. This is a very stressful time for all of us.
  2. by   amytaylor87
    So has anyone gotten a email or any change on owl express?
  3. by   nutrizun
    I emailed Fran last week to find out when letters were going out. She responded to me this morning with, "You should receive your letter by this afternoon." I guess she didn't realize it's Columbus Day, heh.
  4. by   Contenta
    Mercy, why does today of all days have to be a postal holiday. Uuugggg!
    Maybe, just maybe, we will all get emails today.
  5. by   amytaylor87
    I wonder if they will call, because they called me when I got accepted to do an interview so if they called for that surely they would call if you go into the program???Anyone know from previous years??
  6. by   Pleigh33
    Amytaylor who called you? What did they say? I didn't know they called anyone for interviews. If you don't mind what are yr stats (gpa, teas)?
  7. by   amytaylor87
    I'm not sure who actually called me, but the day I got my letter in the mail I got a call. I was in class so I couldn't answer, but it was just a lady congratulating me on being getting an interview, and that it was a big accomplishment, etc. My gap is 3.78, teas 80, my science classes are all A's except one B. I got my interview letter on a Wednesday (I live in north ga), and almost everyone else got their letters on a tuesday, and I got the call on that Wednesday. So if they were going to call it would probably be at least Wednesday before they did. Did no one else get a call? Thats kind of odd just thought that everyone did.
  8. by   nutrizun
    Amy, do you already go to KSU?
  9. by   Contenta
    Nope. I didn't get a call. Only a letter. I live in north Georgia also.
  10. by   amytaylor87
    no i don't go to KSU already…thats so wierd?
  11. by   nutrizun
    Maybe that's why? I'm not sure. Maybe they called most students who didn't already attend the university?
  12. by   amytaylor87
    Contenta do you think we will get our letters tomorrow or have to wait until wednesday??? lol
  13. by   amytaylor87
    that would make sense of why I got a call and not everyone else. Does anyone not already go there who got a call also. Can't wait until tomorrow!!