Hopeful for RN program @ West Georgia Technical College Spring 2012

  1. hey all! i turned my paperwork in a couple weeks ago for spring 2012 entrance into the rn program at wgtc. reply if you did also

    i'm competing with...
    3 a's
    2 b's
    98 on the nln

    i will post when i receive something in the mail
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  3. by   slangley
    Just received my competitive selection score letter..
    95.4 points
  4. by   lorraineatl
    Hi Slangley...I applied and am waiting on my compeitive score letter...Hopefully it will arrive this week. As soon as I get it I will post away
  5. by   jschoeni
    Still waiting.....
  6. by   JasJace
    Still waiting...
  7. by   slangley
    It will come soon
  8. by   lorraineatl
    Im still waiting to...When did you turn your application in? I turned my in on 8/11.
  9. by   jschoeni
    I turned mine in July 30th and JasJace turned hers in on the 11th of august.
  10. by   Shuffie
    Still waiting, turned mine August 12
  11. by   lorraineatl
    Yeah this is turning into the wait game of the year...lol I assume we wont get score letters till after labor day and then 3 weeks later yes/no letters. Im just focusing elsewhere right now because its driving me :smackingf
  12. by   Shuffie
    I hope we get scores next week. How many applied, and how many get accepted? Does anyone know?
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  13. by   lorraineatl
    Im not sure how many applied or how many they are taking. Last I knew it was 35, and that was for the Fall Cohort that just started and even then I believe they picked more.
  14. by   jschoeni
    I have a friend who got her scores today and one that got it yesterday. I am praying for tomorrow!