Hopeful for RN program @ West Georgia Technical College Spring 2012 - page 2

hey all! i turned my paperwork in a couple weeks ago for spring 2012 entrance into the rn program at wgtc. reply if you did also :) i'm competing with... 3 a's 2 b's 98 on the nln i will... Read More

  1. by   KellieMarie1989
    I applied too...im waiting for my letter! i am so nervous!
  2. by   slangley
    They are only taking 20 students this time
  3. by   lorraineatl
    I know,that news hit me hard yesterday! Besides Slangley,who else has scored over 95?
  4. by   JasJace
    Where'd y'all hear only 20 students this time? Crazy!
  5. by   lorraineatl
    I heard it through conversation and another post, so I emailed the school to confirm. Crazy yes, but true...not sure how many people applied but that is the amount their accepting.
  6. by   slangley
    Yes, I also emailed the dean of healthcare sciences. She confirmed they are taking 20.
  7. by   Shuffie
    is anyone else still waiting on their letter with their score?
  8. by   JasJace
    I am still waiting.
  9. by   KellieMarie1989
    I am still waiting too.
  10. by   Shuffie
    I wonder what the scores will have to be with only 20 being accepted. Does anyone have a guess at this?
  11. by   KellieMarie1989
    I wonder if they found the 20 people the want and they arent gonna send out any more score sheets...im just trying to guess what is the hold up.
  12. by   Shuffie
    I am sure the will send everyones to them
  13. by   KellieMarie1989
    Quote from Shuffie
    I am sure the will send everyones to them

    Amen to that!