Gwinnett Tech: Transferring credits for an RN-BSN?

  1. Just trying to look out for myself before I finish my science pre-reqs. Did any graduates of the RN program at Gwinnett Tech have any problems transferring credits when going for a BSN? I know Gwinnett Tech and the majority of universities are accredited by SACS, however credits usually have to be evaluated before they can be transferred in.

    These are some applications to show what credits from an outside institution will transfer into theirs:
    Georgia College & State University
    Georgia State University
    Kennesaw State University
    North Georgia College & State University
    University of West Georgia

    Couldn't find one for Columbus State University however got word from a Nursing Advisor that most core will transfer.

    Not sure about:
    Brenau University
    Clayton State University
    Georgia Southern University
    Georgia Southwestern State University

    Curious to know who has gone through the process already? Please share your stories.
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