GTC 2012 applicants

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  3. by   phrozenone
    Me too!! I'm applying for the fall
  4. by   DeviMak
    anyone else applying?! I know there are more of us on here! Come out of hiding and lets get to know each other!
  5. by   boo1001
    I am applying for fall too! Do you guys mind sharing your statistics? I'm trying to see where I stand. This is mine:
    Overall GPA: 3.81
    Human A&P 1, Lab- A,A
    Human A&P 2, Lab- B,A
    College Algebra- B
    English 1101- A
    Psychology- A

    In the process of taking Microbiology and statistics now...
  6. by   DeviMak
    welcome! Those are great stats!!

    I have a 4.0 GPA. I have all A's in all my prereqs and non prereqs. I'm currently taking microbiology (the final prereq) and have an A in it as well. Of course though... a 4.0 is only half the battle. They take half your GPA and half your Kaplan score so I'm still worried about getting in!
  7. by   metoyou
    I am applying for Fall 2012.
  8. by   DeviMak
    ok all! Program deadline is almost a month away! How's everyone feeling?! Nervous?
  9. by   sk8inghunny
    I am also an applicant. There will be 300 qualified applicants at the mandatory meeting, where we will also schedule our entrance exam. We should be getting a letter soon.
    I have a 4.0 GPA all pre-req's completed (I have completed around 47 credit hours).

    Still worried about the exam though.
  10. by   kiki69
    I've applied for Fall 2012 too!

    4.0 for pre-reqs and non pre-reqs... Took the Teas for GPC last June...nervous about the Kaplan though... ack!
  11. by   metoyou
    Wow! it seems like all of you have 4.0's : / I only have a 3.5, so I guess I better study for the Kaplan day and night until march Which nursing meeting are you all going to next Wednesday, 3 or 6?
  12. by   sk8inghunny
    There have been 300 invited to take the test, so yes, study hard! I won't be taking it after all, I was accepted at my first choice nursing program.
  13. by   kiki69
    That is great! Congratulations! So which school did you end up getting accepted to? Let us know how it goes, please.

    To Metoyou,

    I"m going to the 3 pm meeting... so excited! yay! nervous nervous nervous though.
  14. by   metoyou
    Im hoping to make the 3 pm meeting as well, depends on when I can get off work! Im so nervous about the meeting too, haha I always freak out when brought face to face with all the people competing for nursing school spots, always makes it seem so much real :/ I really can not wait till spring is over, and we know if we have been given a spot into a nursing program!