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  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone who is currently attending GPC nursing could enlighten me how the 1st & 2nd semester classes/clinicals are scheduled. I know you attend every day for the first 5 weeks. How about the rest of the semester? Are you required to attend everyday or just the 2 days listed on the class schedule. How about clinicals. How many hours are required? Any help or advice is appreciated.
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  3. by   NurseMeco
    After week five, you'll start clinicals. clinicals are on thursday and friday. you go to clinicals on rotating weeks (if you go one week, then you don't go the following week) on the week you're not scheduled to go to clinicals, you usually have check-offs or something else scheduled. the first five weeks are extremely busy but once clinicals start, things come down somewhat, but you never seem to have enough time for anything besides for school.

    i hope this helps. if you have any other questions, send me a PM.
  4. by   Paris2B
    Hey strenuouslife,

    In order to be successful in GPC's Nsg program, be prepared to dedicate
    at least 40 hrs a week to lect/ck-offs/clinicals/studying. It is a very difficult program if you don't stay on top of it. If you do this you should be successful. I started in Jan. of this year (2006) & will be going into my
    last (4th) semester in the spring (Jan 2007). I have put in the amount of time, & more, that I mentioned above, & it's been trying at times but I managed to get B's in all 4 of my classes (took Mental Hlth & Mother/Baby-Peds 2gether this fall) in addition to a med-math course given on-line by one of the best instructors @ GPC (author of the med-math book you will need). And if this is any consolation to you, yes-I had a couple of near misses if you know what I mean). All this to say, don't plan to have a day off during the week even if you are off from lect/ck-offs/clinicals, you still need to be somewhere comfortable studying.

    Hope this can help you & Good luck!!

    "When life give you lemons, make taste better"
  5. by   dmarie (GA)
    You must be at the Lawrenceville Campus. The students there do much better than the ones at Clarkston. Much better teachers.

    If you're at the Clarkston campus and managed to make B's in all semesters, then you're something of a miracle, so Congrats! :spin:
  6. by   Paris2B
    Hey dmarie,

    Well I'm not a L'ville student, but a Clarkston student. I was going to transf to another campus last semester, but was told not to by 3 very supportive instructors. Oh & for the L'ville students, they have a very tuff time on the ERI, because of the study guide studying they do, so it ultimately hurts them in the end. And the 2nd year they seem to do about the same if not worst than the Clarkston students because we're all on GSAMs. This last semester in M/B & psych, quite a few failed either 1-2 ERIs (we had 3 ERIs all 2gether this sem.) & some even failed out the program. The Clarkston students also c/o the "after class instruction" that L'ville students stated to have gotten from an instructor so things are changing. So, all this to say you still have to put in your part of studying most content, not just the study guides (supplemental tool), to be successful in GPC's program.

    Yes, at GPC period & managed to get all B's & almost an A in psych (missed it by 2pts ), baffles me at times also due to how hard I was told the program was & how hardly no one makes a B or graduates w/o failing out one time in the first year. We are even about to have one of the biggest (about 65 stud.) 4th sem. classes in years, though it consist of several repeats & LPN bridge students (though majority are from the fall '05/Sp '06 class).

    Oh & someone said the BON came to visit with us...that is so not true. The men that came are the same ones that came in Jan. in my Fundamentals semester. They are from the administration dept in Dunwoody. They were asked to be a neutral party between the students & instructors due to some students being afraid to share their true feelings while instrutors are present. And GPC is not on probation for anything according to the Georgia board (cked myself to see if this was yet another rumor...& it was). According to them they are in good standing.
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  7. by   dmarie (GA)
    According to a couple of students who still attend GPC, (one just finished 3rd semester this Fall/Clarkston), the GBON did in fact visit with students several weeks ago. It was at the Clarkston campus. A few reps. came to the campus and sat down with students in the lecture room to obtain feedback. According to my good friend who was there, some of the students were so upset they were actually crying. Of course, I personally wasn't present at this meeting, so I'm going by what my friend reported.

    Yes, GPC is in good standing, (obviously they are accredited), but they have been warned in the past to increase their NCLEX pass rate or else.

    Now they are proud to say they have a 100% pass rate.

    I'm glad to hear you're sailing through the program! It takes a special person with a lot of support from faculty to make it through. You are one of the few and the proud! :spin: You won't have any trouble at all landing a great position after you graduate!
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  8. by   dmarie (GA)
    BTW, if you just completed 3rd semester at Clarkston, I must know you. I left the program (in good standing) after 2nd semester in the Spring of this year.
  9. by   dmarie (GA)
    We are even about to have one of the biggest (about 65 stud.) 4th sem. classes in years, though it consist of several repeats & LPN bridge students (though majority are from the fall '05/Sp '06 class).
    My point all along, as you pointed out here, is that it DOES consist of several repeats and LPN students with previous knowledge. There are exceptions, like yourself, to this rule of course. But the vast majority of students struggle unhappily through this program, often repeating a semester after having to wait before doing so.

    Another interesting point is that there are nursing schools in the surrounding areas where the students are happy and actually enjoy the process.
  10. by   Paris2B
    I was one of the 8-10 students present sitting in the front roll in the GSAMs lect. room. Maybe your friend had some misunderstanding who those men were. And I don't remember anyone crying to the point of notice nor anyone fainting...unheard of. I know for a fact that those guys are from Dunwoody campus because the speaker handle a transcript matter for me in Summer '05 at that campus. The other guy was just taking notes. The speaker also spoke w/us during our 1st semester (Spring Jan. 2006) about this same matter.

    Thanx, but as you know it's a struggle to get through this program. I just buckled down & took their word when they said "make this your new fulltime job for the next 4 semesters". And like they say, you can only judge by your own experience & you have to assess that judgement carefully!

    I hope my clinical instructor thinks the same thing, though you
    know one that really is a doozy, can't mention no names!!
  11. by   dmarie (GA)
    There was no mention of fainting.... not that I'm aware of..... lol.
  12. by   dmarie (GA)
    Please PM me, I have a ton of questions for you.
  13. by   Paris2B
    Well most of the students are not repeats. They are from the fall 05 & Sp 06 semesters. Some tried to take the accelerated sum Mat/Nborn & Psych at the same time & dropped Mat/NB, but passed psych. That's why they don't just let anyone take those 2 classes in such a short semester. They are hard enough in Fall (longer sem) so I could only imagine in the spring. & from what I've gathered, & was told by an instructor, the few that did do it most of them were not successful this fall in advanced & either failed or dropped b4 mid-point. They will still graduate when they were expected to so I don't consider them to be repeats.

    I have talked to several friends/old classmates that are in other Nsg prorams & they say that it's really hard & stressfull also, but that the instructors are supportive, encouraging, & helpful is what makes their experience happy ones, they are given hope even when passing looks grim.
  14. by   dmarie (GA)
    From a personal perspective, I didn't find Fundamentals at GPC to be a huge challenge. It tooks some juggling at first to get organized, but it was manageable.

    Med./Surg. was more interesting, and a little harder than Fundamentals obviously, but my issue was compounded with some extremely stressful personal matters that made it almost impossible to give it 100%. I found that folks who were already PCT's or involved in the healthcare field in some way, (relatives who are RN's, close friends who can give them a head's up about what to focus on with studies, LPN's) seemed to do better for obvious reasons.

    I, on the other hand, have absolutely no experience in the healthcare field.

    I've always been an independent learner, so I don't, nor did I ever expect, faculty to hold my hand through the process, but when you have a couple hundred pages to read for an exam, on top of everything else going on, it helps to have someone give you a 'head's up' as to what to focus on. In my mind, that is what lectures are for. But I didn't find this to be the case while I was there.

    I am still welcome back at GPC, but my personal experience was so negative, I doubt that I will.

    But to all the students who manage to breeze through the program with no problem, I'm in total awe and amazement of you!