Gordon State College BSN Fall 2018 Hopeful

  1. Hello all! Starting a page for the Gordon State College Fall 2018 BSN hopefuls! Just figured it would be good to discuss and update everyone that we will possibly be with in class! I just finished my Kaplan test this past week and made a 76 on it. Not the best grade but for my first time taking the test, I feel pretty good about it! I'm applying with a 3.6 GPA and just wanted to see what everyone else was working with!
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  3. by   shelby andersen
    Hey Maddie glad you started this thread! I was wondering if you have heard anything from the school and your application?
  4. by   maddienisoff
    I have not yet! I know they said they are waiting upon Spring Semester Grades as well? Have you heard anything?
  5. by   delayne_harp
    I've heard that we should be finding out by the end of March, but I'm not 100% sure. I have a friend that started in the Fall of 2017 BSN program and I'm gonna try and see when he got his acceptance letter.
  6. by   dannysam747
    hi this danny and i got my letter into the BSN this fall 2018. I was wondering when they would do the dosage exam
  7. by   delayne_harp
    For the last group of BSN students they took the test over the summer. I believe you have up to three chances to take the test if you don't pass it the first time. Congratulations on your acceptance!
  8. by   tac730
    Anyone heard how many applications they had this time?
  9. by   delayne_harp
    I was talking to Dr.Purvis and she said so far they've accepted about 35. They're waiting until the end of the semester to check people's grades but she said they weren't done sending out letters.
  10. by   tac730
    Ok, that sounds like a much better response then last year! I saw the class scheduler had 36 listed, I wasn't sure if that was just an assumption or if they were going to have a larger group of there was a good response.
  11. by   maddienisoff
    Do y'all know anything about the dosage exam yet? I got accepted as well! I am going to start a facebook page if anyone would like to join it, that way we can communicate better!
  12. by   dannysam747
    Hey I'm deep into the study guides that they provided us. I completed all of them and I have been doing other practice problems. Im just practicing now until monday come. Im taking my test at 3pm
  13. by   dannysam747
    I talked to talked to Stewart and she said you only have 2 chances to take the dosage exam
  14. by   dannysam747
    i would like to join. what did you name it?