Gordon College 2012

  1. Im having a terrible time waiting for my letter of decision from GC. I pretty much stalk the mail man..and it is not even eight weeks ..I am looking for friends along this waiting process..has anyone heard anything about when the letters will go out?.. 8 weeks like the website says.. or will they take longer possibly until Oct. 30??.. I have heard that some people have already gotten denial letters. Do they send them out first? Soo ready to just have the letter in my hand so i can stop living in limbo. Anyone having this problem?
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  3. by   Asmorris
    You haven't received your letter yet? I got mine 2 weeks ago.

    Not really. This wait is terrible. My neighbors probably think something is wrong with me. I check the mail as soon as it comes and every time it is not there I take an extra look in the box to make sure I didn't miss it.
  4. by   megan133484
    I know right. I need to know so i can save up for the gazillion bucks worth of books an what not that we need. Its depressing....
  5. by   Asmorris
    Yep, but would be much less depressing with a letter that starts with congratulations.
    I think I hear the mailman coming surely I will find out today.
  6. by   megan133484
    Well when u find out be sure to post it so i can go rip my mail box lid off lol..
  7. by   Asmorris
    I will. That wasn't the mail I heard earlier. I am trying to study for micro test but am distracted by every car going down the road.
  8. by   megan133484
    Lol i know. Im at gordon tryin to do stuff for a&p 2. Cant concentrate on anything. I feel like going to the nahs building and bust in the office like a crazy person & say "Give Me My Letter!" Haha..do you know about how many ppl they r goin to accept this semester?
  9. by   Asmorris
    Lol I called last semester. They really don't like for you to call but I think busting in is a great idea. I don't know how many, but I have heard around 100. Well, 99 if I don't count myself.
  10. by   megan133484
    lol..did you apply last semester? and if so why didnt they admit you? i am so hoping i dont get turned down..i dont really have a back up plan..all my eggs r in this one basket....my fault for that but still hoping. i dont want to wait through this again. so if there are 100 spots...I want to know how many applied so i can atleast be prepared for the worst if there were like 400 ppl applying for them. I hope they're arent that many but it seems like everyone in all my classes is applying for the nursing program..the odds seem slim.. boooo.
  11. by   Asmorris
    I applied last semester but It was different last semester. First I didn't have enough classes done and set my plan to finish them throughout the program which I assume was the reason I didn't get admitted. Also I heard there was a ridiculous mount of aps which is why they added the critical thinking test to narrow it down.
    From what I could tell from the ATI report for the critical thinking test there were 230 in the sample group our percentile score came from. I have heard of several people who took it and made below 50 which would disqualify them. So I assume they have narrowed the aps to a level of 50% acceptance for this semester making our odds much more favorable.
    Yes I have over thought this.
    Another thing to think about is that everyone in your classes may have applied (That is the reason they are in the class with you) but I have talked to many of the applicants who's scores are not that great and many have applied at several schools which will increase the % even more if they accept a different school.
  12. by   megan133484
    That makes me feel a little more at ease that there were only 230 in the group. One of my good friends applied at the same time i turned in my letter and she didn't even get a letter telling her to come take the Critical Thinking Test. Idk whats up with that..im sure her app was complete and everything bc we did them together...hmm. You sound like me lol..trying to figure out the chances that we might have to get accepted. i have been asking ppl but noone seems to want to talk about it. mayb im just paranoid...but for last spring there was a bunch of ppl on here talking about letters but not so much this year.
    I also heard that 2 ppl one of my friend knows got a denial letter alredy like 3 weeks ago.. I've looked on the past threads but no one has really said if they send them out first.. in that case no news would be good new i guess.
  13. by   Asmorris
    Mail came, no letter. Guess I will go to school and see tomorrow. I may try your bust in like a crazy person technique while I am there or if I see someone with a stack of letters snatch them and run.
  14. by   megan133484
    Lol good deal. Put your ninja shoes on bahaha. :