Georgia Regents University CNL program Fall 2013

  1. Hello,

    Anyone preparing for an interview for the Clinical Nurse Leadership program at Georgia Regents University either at Augusta or Athens?

    I have been preparing with different questions I could possible be asked and I have driven to the Athens Campus where I will be getting my interview.

    I'm still a nervous wreck. Any pointers or advice?
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  3. by   mygirlmontana
    How did it go? Sorry I didn't see this earlier.
  4. by   dang08

    It was alright. I expected it to be really formal, but it was pretty casual. I'm just waiting for a big envelope now. =/
  5. by   mygirlmontana
    Please keep me posted!
  6. by   Medic2RN
    Moved to the Georgia State Nursing Programs forum.
  7. by   dang08
    Are there no one else applying for this program?
  8. by   mygirlmontana
    There are many. Another thread 2013 ghsu cnl program is what I believe It's called. Was started before gru became the name. Check us out!!
  9. by   mygirlmontana
    2013 ghsu cnl applicants is the thread name. Hope to see you over there!
  10. by   mygirlmontana
    2013 GHSU CNL applicants is what it's called. Hope to see you there!