Darton Spring RN Fort benning track - page 2

Is anyone applying here for this springs semester?... Read More

  1. by   Success88
    Hello lghtdymon! Exactly what packet are you talking about? I'm lost. I printed my application online. Did they send you one in the mail or something?
  2. by   lghtdymon
    I am talking about the printed application online to that lindsey had sent everyone. Are you apply for the RN fort Benning track?
  3. by   lghtdymon
    hey did you get your packet yet?
  4. by   HenryH
    Are you talking about an acceptance packet? I haven't received anything yet...
  5. by   lghtdymon
    yea I am talking about the acceptance packet. I havent got it yet. Ill tune you in later today if I got it
  6. by   lghtdymon
    i got put on the waiting list
  7. by   lghtdymon
    Hey let me know if you got accepted!
  8. by   HenryH
    I got my acceptance letter in the mail earlier today. I think having a good score on the entrance exam helped my chances. Best of luck to you in regards to getting accepted off the waitlist...