Atlanta Technical College RN review

  1. Does anyone attend Atlanta Tech or know anyone that attends this school?
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  3. by   shayy221
    I dont know but they aren't Accredited by the ACEN. If you do decide to attend, you may hinder yourself and be stuck at an ASN. Many schools will bout let you complete RN to BSN of you have graduated from an unaccredited school.
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  4. by   LTalley08
    Oh wow thnx for that info. I am also looking into Southern Crescent Tech their RN program is new and they are seeking accreditation.
  5. by   shayy221
    Where is that? I'm in Atlanta and finishing pretty read at Atlanta Metropolitan State College. I'm thinking of Chattahochee Tech.
  6. by   LTalley08
    It is in Griffin. How so you like Atlanta Metro? I applied in June looking to begin Spring semester.
  7. by   shayy221
    I've been there about a year doing pre reqs.I like it for the most part. I just got done with a&p 1 and the final caused my grade to drop to a C. How far are you with your pre reqs? I have a cumulative GPA of 3.6 so I need to take that one over this fall. Have you started prep for teas?
  8. by   LTalley08
    I haven't started looking to start Spring 2018. I can't decide if I want to go for BSN or ASN.
  9. by   CollegeChick1994
    Did you take the teas yet LTalley?