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  1. this is one thread with several questions about a variety of issues in Atlanta. I am a new nursing student (I actually don't start until Fall 2007).

    1) Out of Curiosity, are there any people who relocated to Atlanta but wish that they had stayed away????

    2) It seems like there are a lot of opportunities for nursing in Atlanta. I would like to eventually work L/D and maybe become a WHNP or a CNM (not sure yet). I know that Emory has a masters program for both of these, but I wonder what type of reputation these positions have among practicing nurses in Atlanta.

    3) I know that there is some time before I have to worry about where to work, but I think that Grady Memorial Hospital would be a challenging place to work? I feel that since they are a county hospital I would get a lot of exposure to things that I would not see in other hospitals. Am I right or wrong about that?

    4) Do most of your co-workers go on to get a masters or are masters level nurses still few and far between? Which Masters do you feel is the most useful in nursing (leadership and administration, Nurse Practitioner, or CNM)

    PLEASE feel free to answer any or all of these questions.... THANKS SO MUCH :spin:
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