Armstrong Atlantic State University Fall 2013

  1. Hi, is anyone applying to AASU for Fall 2013?
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  3. by   beastmedic
    i just did. looks like there is a new application process thru nursingCAS. trouble is they just put up the link and nursingCAS suggests u send transcripts 5-6 weeks ahead...deadline is Feb 28th...doesnt leave much room there. and i had to get transcripts from 3 schools sent. i hope they make it in time. i wish it was still the old app process where u bring ur transcripts in...
  4. by   Lolita34
    I hope everything reaches in time. I have heard complaints about NursingCas. Hopefully the kinks will be worked out ASAP. Are you a student at AASU?
  5. by   beastmedic
    Yes im at AASU right now taking core. This semester will finish of all of my core. I asked someone at the nursing dept here about the whole nursingcas thing and they told me that all i had to do was have the app submitted by the 28th of Feb....not all the documents have to be there by then. I also applied to CCGA for fall 2013 BSN.
  6. by   Lolita34
    Great, well good luck and I hope you get your acceptance letter soon.
  7. by   beastmedic
    I saw on another post that u said u already got a while did that go? Are u in the program now?
  8. by   Lolita34
    I was accepted for Spring 2013 but my circumstances had changed. I deferred my start date to the Fall. Right now I'm just working a lot and trying to prepare myself to begin reading up on patho.
  9. by   Lolita34
    Hi, when are you suppose to hear back from the program?
  10. by   RNfouts
    I am from Atlanta, and I am applying for Fall 2014! I would love insight on the scores you guys had for the TEAS, and if you got accepted? I took my TEAS for the first time today and got an 81.3 Advanced. I will have around a 3.5ish GPA (or maybe higher) after this semester... I only have Microbiology and AP2 left.. and then I'm done!!
    How competitive is the pool of applicants?
  11. by   hurleygirli1
    Hey there! I graduated from AASU in 2012. If they still do it this way, they do it by the points system. They give you so many points for TEAS score, GPA, grades in math and science courses, etc. You can call and ask the nursing department specifically. It's not a tiny school, but not a sprawling university. I would say small to medium. We started with almost 90 in our class and graduated with 56 I think.
  12. by   RNfouts
    Thanks Hurleygirli1
    Sorry for the delay; I had to take a break from allnurses threads for a while before I went crazy . I will call the DOP and ask them to help me calculate it.
    I am sending my application tomorrow, and the Fall 2014 deadline is in 4 days! I literally just got accepted to AASU today. The admissions office really sped up the process for the nursing applicants. I hope I get in!