Anyone get in at Kennesaw?

  1. Kennesaw is my #1 choice. I've applied to 6 I think for next year with a 7th application in the works LOL. I don't want to take any chances that I'll have to sit out a year! Out of all of the schools I've applied to though I really ONLY want to go to Kennesaw. If anyone has gotten in to their regular (non-accelerated) program and wouldn't mind sharing your GPA, TEAS, Science GPA, or other stats I'd really appreciate it!

    My cumulative GPA is around 3.4 (due to a really bad 1st semester of college over a decade ago) but my adjusted GPA is around 3.7. My science GPA is 4.0. I've maintained a 4.0 for a while now. Out of the pre-reqs I have:
    Chem 1151 and Lab- A's
    Anatomy 1 and Lab- A's
    Psychology 1101- A
    English 1101- A
    English 1102- A
    Sociology 2105- A
    Math 1101- C
    Math 1107 (stats)- B

    I am currently taking Microbiology and I am registered to take Anatomy 2 and Developmental psychology in the fall.

    Does Kennesaw use a math/science GPA or a science GPA? I hope the good grades in science will overshadow my math grades. My TEAS was 80.6. I am planning to retake it though. I did MUCH better on the NET for some reason. Too bad they won't take THAT score LOL!

    Those are my stats. I am applying at the end of this summer semester. What do you think my chances are?

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