Anyone applying for Georgia Highlands for January Admission?

  1. I am applying for Ga Highlands in September for January admission for the second time, (the first time I applied there was a transfer in question from Chattahoochee Tech) now that has all been resolved, any advice, anyone else out there applying etc?
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  3. by   CAllen44
    I'm confused what you mean about "that has all been resolved"...I am a transfer from Chatt Tech and got accepted for GHC's fall program without any issues...but since I was in a similar situation, I'm happy to answer any questions you have and help you however possible! Good luck to you!
  4. by   Tfhorne
    Oh i'm sorry, let me go into more detail. I applied for the program last september for spring admission, but they didn't accept my history class from chattahoochee, however after all of the merger information was final i saw that they now accepted all histories form chatt. When i called the office they said it was to late to fix that error on my transcript and that they had already selected the class. so i planned on applying to a different school in january but somehow i've found myself looking back at the september application for spring '11.
  5. by   CAllen44
    Ohh gotcha! Yeah I only needed to take sciences at Chatt bc I had all my other gen ed requirements at KSU YEARS ago. Well I definitely think you should apply again. And why not apply at other schools too? It never hurts!
  6. by   WellySkelly
    Good luck! I just graduated from their RN program. There are some amazing instructors at their facility. ~Skelly
  7. by   Tfhorne
    Thanks letsgomets31 I plan on applying to west central tech and maybe west ga as I will have their BSN pre-reqs by the end of the year. I'm just a little nervous about ny grades I have all b's in my sciences with two second attempts. And I'm around a 3.1 GPA overall and I don't know how much if the grades horror stories are true. So I'm praying hard that I get in somewhere. Highlands is my school of choice though so that's the one I really want!

    congrats and thanks! were you admitted in fall or spring I was wondering how intense the summer will be!
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  8. by   WellySkelly
    Summer is NON STOP... full on class and clinical, no breaks. Tests are back to back. Get your sleep NOW.
  9. by   Tfhorne
    Good the whole time I've been in college I never taken a summer off from school! I like going straight through. I'm really looking forward to it! How many days do you normally go during summer? Is it every day?