Any info on these college nursing programs?

  1. Hi.

    My name's Linda, i'm 16 years old. I'm from Hall County and I will be a HS senior this coming school year.

    I would like to major in nursing in college- become an RN and get my BSN- and someday work in NICU.

    Some colleges i'm considering are: Georgia State University, GA Southern, Brenau, NGCSU, Kennesaw State and GA Baptist College of Nursing.

    If anyone has info about any of these schools and their nursing programs, that would be great. Also, feel free to reccomend other schools, too!

    Also, to major in nursing, i would need to take the necesarry pre-reqs, then apply to the RN/BSN program, and complete that, correct? or something like

    Well, that's about all i have to say for now.

    Please reply! any info/advice would be great.


    <3 Linda
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  3. by   Texas Native
    Hey, great to hear an interest in nursing! I'm currently an LPN here in Georgia and I start nursing school at Kennesaw State University in August to obtain my BSN. I love KSU and though I haven't started the nursing part yet, I've heard great things about it. I've also heard great things about NGCSU. Yes, if you go for the BSN you have to take approximately 2 years of pre-reqs, but to apply to the program at KSU you only have to have 7 of the 12 required pre-reqs completed before applying and then be able to complete the rest before the nursing sequence begins. They have a great web site for more info. The most important advice for a freshman wanting to get into their program is to take your pre-req classes very seriously because those are the grades they use to select their students. I had all 7 A's and I hear it's hard to get in with less than that. Don't get discouraged though, you have 12 pre-reqs to get those 7 A's from. Good luck!
  4. by   MackNJacks mom
    Hi Linda!!
    I am from Flowery Branch, and just graduated from NGCSU in May. I have to say it was the best experience of my life. I knew a lot of girls who were strait out of high school and had a great time at NGCSU. The program is very hard, but well worth it. Great instructors, I miss school so much already! I just had to throw my .02 in....Don't go to Brenau, they have a terrible pass rate on boards!! My apologies to any Brenau grads!! Anyway I am 25, and I had a great time but I wish I had planned on going to college as early as you because I knew how much fun all the sorority girls were having living the "college life" Good luck!! All the info for their program is online.
  5. by   BucklandRN
    Hi there. it looks like youve gotten some great advice so can apply to a 2 year institution like Georgia Perimeter College. I recommend that you go the GPC for your pre-nursing requirements. im so glad i didnt go to dekalb tech or any of those other "technical schools" and waste my time. GPC all the way!! you come out with your asn (RN) and then you can transfer into GSU whenever you want to get your bsn. i heard that the best school to go to is either ga state, or ga baptist for your bsn. Any other "state" college is good too.