Any day surgery RNs/RNs to be?

  1. I have two years of nursing experience and am looking into other areas outside of the hospital. I was wondering if anyone worked/is looking to work in day surgery and how much experience is needed/where to look???

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  3. by   PedsRNBSN
    You should PM me-I can help you if you like. I know some places you might want to check out.
  4. by   MellyFryRN
    What is the pay rate for day surgery it lower because it is no nights, weekends or holidays? I would LOVE to get more info. :spin:
  5. by   PedsRNBSN
    Well, in my area I found it to be higher than hospitals and dr. offices. Most nurses get very generous pay, and you DEFINITELY have time to sit down, eat lunch, and use the bathroom. Plus, getting holidays and weekends off is HUGE! I know some places that also pay you for the holiday. PM again for more info. They usually want PALS and/or ACLS or at least you be willing to get it though.
  6. by   PedsRNBSN
    I never got another PM from you....did you find somewhere? I don't know if my PM went through or not....but try AOPD (, AOSC (, Meridian Mark (don't know website) and Thomas Eye ( I know that most of these are in the "pill hill" area, and I think all are hiring now. PM me again if you need to.