Georgia Licensure By Endorsement question re: Previous expired licenses?


Hey all,

I have a quick question for those well-versed in the Georgia Licensure by Endorsement process.

I was a travel RN, so I have had licenses in Michigan, Wisconsin, California, North Carolina, and Virginia. Only the Virginia license is current (had to let the NC and WI licenses expire according to compact licensure rules, as only one license in the compact can be held at one time). The original license by NCLEX was Wisconsin.

The instructions say to get records for licenses I hold (present tense), not licenses I've held (past tense). Do I need to get records for each of these states?

Also, any pointers on where I can get the exact date that I passed the NCLEX? I know it was May, 2004 - but I don't know the exact date.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

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They ASK for where you have been licensed, but say I need original licensure and current licensure. I don't want my licensure being held up because I haven't sent info about lapsed licenses. I've tried calling the Georgia BON but get a busy signal whenever I call.

Please help.