Georgia Gwinnett College GGC 2017


Back at it again guys. I dropped it of school for three years after failing all my classes by completely withdrawing from school. I completely gave up... I was told on here maybe I should change my major if I couldn't get the grades I needed. :/ focusing on my job I was promoted three times, purchased two new cars with my own money and was overall doing okay for myself. This year I decided to go back to school. Despite being out for so long, I took micro and anatomy in the summer and made a couple of 100 on my exams while still working at my job. I even took the teas that I didn't study for and got an 85. I have an amazing essay from my micro teachers because of the work I put in this semester. She has never seen a 100 on an exam before. My other essay is coming from my manager who I have been working with for three years. I have 360 hours of volunteer service prior to dropping out of school. I honestly am overwhelmed by emotions and have been for the entire summer. I don't know if GGC is going to let me in given my bad track record but I don't even care. I am so proud of myself honestly. I really out did myself. I was scared and conquered my fear of failing... should GGC not let me in, I plan on applying to Merce university who I have been keeping in touch with since fall 2016. I'm writing this to you all to hopefully inspire those who also fell off track like myself. There was a lot of mates in my class who was just like the old me and have completely changed their major and their dreams. Take a break. It's okay. There are other people just like you. Not everyone got it in their first shot. Don't be discouraged. I'll keep you guys posted if you care to follow me on my journey. :) blessings and love.