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Hi All! OK, I know that the approved route for Geodon is IM but I had heard and read of it being given IV? Has anyone given it this way and if so what was the circumstances (ie why?) and dosing?

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I don't have much experience with Geodon, but wanted to share that I had an order for my (quite elderly) agitated ortho pt. to be started on (scheduled) Geodon IV @ HS. When I read the box it came in, it said it could only be given I.M. = I called the pharmacist to clarify and he said "Oops, I called the MD about that and meant to come to the floor to write an order clarification. It has to be given I.M."

BTW, my lol went from extremely agitated to extremely zonked - and stayed sedated through most of the next day. (They d/c'd it after that 1 dose.)

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