Your experience as a foreign born nurse

  1. not too sure if this is the best forum for this, anyway it goes like this.
    i and 2 other female foreign born students were talking and 1 make a remake that it would appear to her that mostly patients and staff seem to be sort of less talkative/jovial, do not say much/ become bland to us when compared to 'natives'. noticed that 'natives' that are much newer than us are treated as though they have been know years

    i may not be able to speak in the informal /street language but that doesn't mean i sure do not understand it or can't hold a conversion that you will understand not necessarily expecting to know a dime about where i come from or whatever.

    is it just me or my head or has anyone exprecienced this or behaves like this? why would this be the case? is it lack of exposure to other 'natives'/lack of travel and so do not know how to interact with 'non nattves'? or is it assumed that 'non natives' can't do a good job of nursing?

    what is your experience as a foreign born nurse?

    a diversion, personally, it would seem there is some truth to this in the social/dating scene depending on the city
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  3. by   dotherightthing
    I'm not foriegn born but in the facility that I work it's pretty much the opposite. Foreign born nurses, lots of Filipino nurses. They are never really rude, other than constantly speaking their language, even around patients and visitors.

    But it's obvious that they only trust each other, only want to have meals with each other. It's really strange, as other facilities that I've worked in have policies regarding foreign languages especially spanish, being spoken in work areas. They definitely discuss patient situations in Filopino and very likely staff and staff issues as well. I guess they really don't want to develop relationships with others outside of their culture.