Would should I do.....

  1. Ok here is my situation.
    I started a local community college last summer and have been taking prereqs for the RN program and I was almost finished ..I had to have my application in my December 1 and on Thanksgiving i went to the school to drop it off the day befor Thanksgiving and they were closed..so then the day after thanksgiving i went back and they were still closed..well december 1 was a sunday and they were closed so I took it on the 2nd and they would not take it..so then i was not going to get into the program until 2004.....I was so MAD.....so now I have decided I was going to go on and get my BSN...

    My career goal is to become a CRNA..I know i need my BSN anyway but i was going to do the bridge thing and still do it...NOw I have decided to get my BSN..I need to work now and put my kids in daycare and I also have to pay for school now because i was going to school in Georgia and I had the HOPE grant..there is not anywhere near me for 2 hours to get my BSN so that i could receive HOPE and get school paid for..so now i have to go to school in Chattanooga, tn at the university of tennessee at chattanooga....
    Should i just get my CNA and work at a hospital so i could put my kids in daycare plus the local hospitals will work with my school and allow me 1500 dollars a year to work with them for a year plus they let you off on school days in time for class

    or I could take out a loan and pay for school and then get tuition reimbursement and pay off the loan...without a commitment.What would you all do......How do you all pay for school...how does reimbursement work,...anyone in chattanooga answer this email please email me at FLNTSTNWLKR958@aol.com THanks but other people please respond too..
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  3. by   2banurse
    That's frustrating! I know that for my ADN program they won't even accept applications BEFORE Jan 21st and if you turn it in by Feb 28th you'll have priority status before it opens up.

    Considering this and the fact that CRNA is your ultimate goal, I would definitely go for the BSN.

    In regards to finances, to date I've been using the Stafford student loans (GSL) and a foundation scholarship. Hopefully next year, I'll be qualified to get the Pell grant since I didn't work a full year...I'm hoping.

    When you get info about the BSN college, find out about what kind of scholarships they might have available. As a mother, returning to school, you might have special circumstance that will get you a scholarship.

    Good luck!
  4. by   NurseWeasel
    Although working as a CNA at a hospital sounds like a good plan too. If you luck into a really good hospital maybe they'll even have on-site daycare! I'm so sorry to hear about the stupid policy skrooing with your life. ((hugs))
  5. by   lpnga
    THanks for the HUG.......I needed it.....you know after so long of school and almost there..may i add with a 4.0!!!!!they said if they let me get by with it then everyone will.......
  6. by   lpnga
    Also.I have found two hospitals with daycares..one hospita daycars is $17 a day and the other is $15 a day..My mom and mother in law want to want them at least one day a week.so it will cost between 90 and 102$ a week..but the hospital that is 17$ a day will help with school and work with my schedule..I might can even pull of two days a week of day care with my sister......hopefully...I want them to go to daycare just a few times a week to play with other kids..since when we go to the park they love it so much..
  7. by   babynursewannab

    I'm just south of you, here in ga. Is Kennesaw State University too far away? Some people come from Tennessee to go to that program.

    Lemme know!
  8. by   lpnga
    I would but..I have two kids. a house, and a husband with a job... thanks..that is the closest place other than chattanooga..there or emory
  9. by   babynursewannab
    So... Chattanooga's closer then, huh? That's too bad. We'd love to have you at KSU! :kiss