Working while preparing for NCLEX?

  1. I am set to graduate this May. I currently work as a CNA at a hospital about once a week. Once I graduate, I plan on studying for the NCLEX for roughly a month before taking it. Should I work as a CNA during this time, or should I dedicate all free time to studying?
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  3. by   del28
    I think this is a very personalized question. How well have you done on some practice tests? Even if you did poorly, were there generally many questions where you at least understood the subject matter...meaning if you answered a question about anatomy wrong, but saw your mistake when they showed you the correct answer, then you would be certainly better off if you just made a random guess, and still didn't understand the correct answer. Also, you may want to ask yourself if you are a good test taker and how well you did on your prerequisite courses? If you aced the classes and have confidence in your testing abilities, you may be fine working...but? Do you need to work during this time? If you have a choice, because you live at home with parents or a spouse? Then, why not take the time off to do your best? However, if time off would hurt you or your position, maybe your employer will let you work part time? (If possible, you may also want to consider studying a bit right now- for instance, take two hours a day- several days a week (make a schedule and stick to it) and see how much you are retaining and progressing. I know this may sound odd- but sometimes when we remove everything from our lives to commit to something like "studying for a test," we actually find that we think we have so much time- yet that time really escapes us. For instance, I stopped working for a time period to help take care of my father. I only went to his house while my mother worked at her part-time job. I had calculated that I would have much more time, and even planned to do some house projects...but, without being on the same type of schedule with my job...I didn't realize that I didn't manage my own time well enough, and since I was home- friends and family constantly asked me to do things for them...which I felt happy to do...but before I knew it the day was done, and I wasn't any further in my projects. When my father got back on his feet, and I went to work...I actually tackled more than when I had "free time." Just be cautious of this...I find that it is true with many people. I think I'd start seeing seeing how you follow a schedule to study in your free time right now. It isn't really "if a month" without work is long enough/ but will you manage your time as needed? And how much you personally need? I think if you can find those answers, then you may be able to give yourself a better view of what you need. (I have NOT taken the test yet...but I am finishing my BA and came on here because I do want to go into nursing. When I'm done with my BA this spring...I have planned to study all summer (3 months, but while working...and I am setting myself on a pretty strict schedule- things always come up- so, for instance, I don't plan to study on Sunday- but if I can't study on one of my days during the week, I will have to make up that time on Sunday). I hope this helps! Good luck!
  4. by   verene
    I think this is a personalized question based on your own study habits. Personally, if I'd had a job while I was preparing for the NCLEX I would have continued to work as I did not find NCLEX prep an all consuming activity.