Working while in nursing school? Phlebotomy?

  1. Hello all!

    I just joined the board, but I've been reading posts for a little while now.

    I am a 30 year old pre-nursing student. I currently work in the corporate world and am attempting to make my exit.
    I have 3 prerequisites to finish before I can apply to the nursing program my local community college. I am planning to take those classes Spring 10, Summer 10 and Fall 10. I have to have some type of job while I'm in nursing school since we have a mortgage to pay for. My inital thought was to take the Phlebotomy class now then when I finally get accepted to the nursing program I can do that part-time.
    I'm taking the prerequisite this summer and the Phlebotomy class in the fall.
    I contemplated taking the CNA class so I can be a PCT, but saw that Phlebs make a little more money. Plus I liked drawing dogs blood when I worked at an animal hospital.

    I seem to be running into a possible roadblock with the Phlebotomy externship. I was told by the dean's secretary that the externship sites like you to be avaliable during the daytime so you can get more draws in. (we need a total of 100) I'm waiting for the instructor to call me back to find out if it is possible to do the externship some evenings and weekend days. I can't see this being a huge issue since the classroom portion of the class is evenings and Saturday mornings.

    My question is does anyone else work while they're in nursing school? What kind of jobs do you do? I want to have another option in case I can't do the externship.
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  3. by   freckles2rn
    I have just finished my first year of a 2 year ADN Program, and I have worked the whole time and am getting great grades. I work about 20 hours a week and have survived just fine, with time to spend with my family. You'll be able to do it!!
  4. by   MEDICJOHN
    Just finished my first semester of RN school, worked full time. Was hard as all hell! And I am not a brilliant student, but I made highest in class. Granted I work in the ER, so, I have lots of exposure to medicine. It CAN be done if I can do it!!!! I did not qualify for any loans.
  5. by   LiveZen
    Working is school is definitely doable.

    PCA/CNA/Nurses' Aide: can be hard to get into until you get a clinical or two under your belt (like i worked at a ped hospital and you had to be done with your peds clinical. a lot of adult hospitals just want one med surg done) but a great way to get your foot in the door (pick a hospital you'd like to be an RN at!) for post-grad jobs. I worked as a PCA (patient care associate) on the peds oncology ward at a pediatric medical center for the last year of school and loved it. I picked up a lot of extra shifts in the ER and fell in love with that and got an RN job there. The techs that were hired into ER got trained in EKG and phlebotomy.
  6. by   Jayhawk4Life
    I am only starting my BSN in August, but I plan to keep working as a phlebotomist. I have done it for 2 years during my first degree. My hospital lab trains our phelbotomists without any course, so I guess I am lucky. Also I don't know about the hospital you would do your externship at, but we have ~18 sticks(patients) every morning from 0600-0730. So your 100 would go pretty quick. My hospital is really flexiable in scheduling so I will only work for 3 hours in the morning, three times a week, and full days every two weekends. I would highly suggest being a "vampire", twhich hat doesn't get old after you hear it for the 5th time every morning.