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I am entering a program in fall of 2003 and planning to work full time as well. Is this something that I should seriously reconsider, or is it possible? I have a husband and a dog, luckily we don't... Read More

  1. by   bhppy
    Best of luck to you!
    I could never work on top of going to school, maybe if I didn't have children I would!

  2. by   jccarolina
    Hi Janet, all the best to you!!!!! I have the same plans as you do and I intend to make to best of it. I start the program in the fall. I will see how I do this semester at 3/4 time while I work full time, then I will try a full time schedual. I have to stay working, my husband is disabled and he can't work. I have two kids, 1 is 18 and in college full time also. The money I make is barely enough to make ends meet so I will rely on full aid and scholarships to pay for schooling. I have a strong will to do this with the help of God. Remember, you can do ANYTHING if you work hard toward your goal and let the Lord guide you with your decisions. Keep him first. Let us know how it goes, and I wish you all the best.