Will this ever click????

  1. I had a funky day at clinicals today. I just can't seem to gain confidence in my skills or ability to rationalize. When I think I understand I am thrown for a loop. Is there anyway to connect the how and why easier. Like remembering the med cards or the correct order of skills (ie sterile procedures). I remember things with repetition but in live skills have not been able to get alot of practice. I seem to contaminate (crossing over field) often or paint myself into a corner by forgeting supplies. My instructor says I need to exert more confidence. Any books or study tricks ????? I am a level 3 LVN student and will graduate in 3 more months. I feel overwhelmed!!!!
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  3. by   kimmicoobug
    It will click, trust me. During my first year (LPN year), I just had no confidence and felt that I just couldn't do it. But, as time went on and I learned to think more critically, the procedures have kind of fell into place and my confidence has grown. During my first year, I bought a skills and procedure book that had rationales for every step of the way. It was very helpful for me. I also tried to practice in lab as much as possible.

    You have made it this far, it is ok to feel overwhelmed. I am graduating in 10 days (ignore my sig line) and I just try not to let myself think ahead to the "what if when I am a nurse and I do this wrong..." I just take it day by day. If I don't, anxiety hits. Anyways, I just wanted to share that I understand what you are going through because your post could have described me 9 months ago. Congrats and Good luck!