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Just curious folks.... I have written a handful of posts now about why I chose to become a nurse - I plan to do my Master's thesis about what IT IS that prompts people to do this.... I have a... Read More

  1. by   old-master
    I original was a edu. major at TCU, when the advisor, told me that the schools did not need history or lit majors, and that I should think about math. I bolted and spend years looking.

    I always watched ER, my mother's a vet tech and I also like the medical, field. And I started work in a Detox center, and the LVN's said I would make a great Rn or MD. The idea of helping people finding a job anywhere and being well-paid, got to me. And then it stick! I then knew that it was to be so!
    So, I when to half-price books and started studying ahead. To see what I was getting into.
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