White Pants: What's Not To Love? - page 2

I met with my nursing advisor today--I'm starting in the fall--and she was giving me the rundown on what I need to have for clinicals. Yep, I gotta have white pants! My favorite! (not) Guess I'll... Read More

  1. by   Marialeah
    It's funny that you posted this. I just got the package from my school detailing everything I need. I popped on here to see if anyone had ever posted about shoes, pants, ect. It is really overwhelming. For some reason they don't accept shot records. I have to have a blood titer done, tb test, hep b shot, and a tetanus shot. By this time tomorrow I'm going to be a pin cushion!

    My school is requiring that we buy a Palm Pilot to keep patient information. Anyone ever heard of that?

    I start May 30. I'm super nervous!
  2. by   CountrifiedRN
    Marialeah, congrats on starting in May!

    Wow, a palm pilot is a pretty expensive school supply! But I've actually been thinking about getting one. A girl in my program has one, and it really comes in handy. She not only keeps her patient information on it, but she has downloaded the Tabers Dictionary, Davis Drug Guide, NANDA diagnosis, and a whole lot more. She doesn't need to bring all those books to clinicals, and her palm pilot is about the size of a calculator (oh yeah, it has all the calculator functions as well). It seems to be a good investment that you can use after school is over as well. And at least since it is required in your program, you can claim it on your taxes next year!

    Good luck!