Which Nursing Program ?

  1. So my name is Natalie and I have a BA in Human Development and I am currently working towards my pre reqs for and Accelerated Nursing BSN . Does any one have any recommendations on either ABSN or an Entry Level Masters in Nursing ? I am torn between the 2 and not sure if the debt is worth it ? Thank you in advance ! I would greatly appreciate thoughts and opionions from those who are in the same situation and or have been through the programs or nurses
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  3. by   Glucagon
    Personally, I quickly decided direct entry MSN programs were not a good option for me. It costs more. You run the risk of the hospitals in the area not looking favorably on your degree and not hiring you because of it. It also seemed like experience is more valued in nursing, with higher degrees only really becoming useful when you have nursing experience attached to it.

    If you want to go the ABSN route, just try to look for public colleges, etc, as those programs will generally be more affordable.