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  1. I am going to order the bundle package from skyscape and I was wondering which add on's do you think are good to have? Of those of you who have already ordered from there was it a good experience? Which add on's did you buy with it or which programs did you buy? I am just wanting to get the most important things I need, and the most helpful. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   midcom
    I ordered from them & had a very good experience. I discovered that the desktop software can only be installed on one computer & they have a way of identifiying it. I have a desktop PC & a laptop & after installing one program on the desktop, I realized it would be smarter to have them on the laptop so deleted it from the PC. Then I couldn't install it on the laptop because it had already been installed. I just sent them an e-mail & explained what I did & they reset things so I could install it again.

    I bought the bundle plus Tabers Medical Dictionary, Nurse's fast facts, & Mobile DDx, & Archimedes Plus (free). I don't know yet if this is a good choice as I have yet to start classes but in exploring through it, I am impressed. There are a few more that I have trials of & may buy them if, after school starts, I think they will be good.