Where to begin? Looking for school recommendations

  1. Hi Everyone!, Recently I decided that I wanted to become an RN. I have been shopping around in search for a good nursing program but have become overwhelmed by the variety of schools out there. I want to transfer possible to FL or VA but I am open to considering other states as well. I am anxious to start a program, but I am having difficulty choosing a school. I have two questions, first am I better off
    participating in a B.N.S program or should I save my money and begin a associates degree in nursing instead? And second of what schools would you recommendations? I would love to hear your opinions and suggestions pertaining to specific nursing programs that you enjoyed and felt best helped to prepare you for the NCLEX test. Thanks!
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  3. by   HappyNurse2005
    what part of Virginia might you move to ? I am in Virginia, so I know a bit about the nursing schools in my area, and my nursing school in particular.
    the BSN really depends if that is what you want. I personally would go get your associates first, then you can work while getting your job to pay for your BSN education, which is usually only 1 year more. plus, associates degrees are cheaper, and of course the BSN is cheaper when job pays for it.
    Let me know what part of Virginia you are considering, and if its near me, i'll give you the scoop
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    Thanks RNinMay2005 for getting back to me,

    As far as locations in VA go, I guess I'm pretty flexible. I was thinking perhaps somewhere around Charlottesville or even the Richmond area.
    What schools do you recommend that have good associate programs?
    or even BNs programs? And are there any towns that you think are nice and have reasonable cost of living and tuition?

    Thanks again!
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