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  1. hello everyone

    I am wondering what did everyone do to get by when they first started school for nursing. I am a single mother of a 5 yr old and am currently pregnant yet not married.( what a statistic right) I am waiting till after school to be married. However, my significant other isn't capable of paying the bills alone. Any help of what I could do. thanks so much
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  3. by   sitesonRN
    hi brandy,

    i don't starting ns until january, but i can tell you what i have been doing to get through my support classes. i worked at starbucks! it is an awesome place to work, great.great.great benefits at only working 20 hours/week (i paid around 150/mo for a family of three; which included: major med./dental/optical - and it is through aetna). they also offer stock options and a wonderful discount on anything in the store (even clearance) and you get a pound of coffee free each week. i worked 5-10am m-f and then went to school/studied in the afternoon. it was hard to adjust to going to bed so early, but after i put my son (who was 5) to bed, i went to bed. i did get to see my husband on the weekends...he he he.

    it will be tough, but look at the future that you are giving your children.

    good luck to you!