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  1. Hi everyone. I'm new to the board and new to the nursing field. I'm just starting my CNA course and I hope to pursue it and become a RN. I wanted to know if anyone could kinda give me advice on what I should expect on the certification test. I assume each state has a different one so if it's any help I'm from Arizona. I know it's to only be a CNA so it's probably not all that difficult, but I want to know what I should really focus on so I could do well. Thanx for all your help. Bye-bye...
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  3. by   TooterIA
    I worked for a facility for 4 months and tried to "test out", as in get my certification w/o taking the CNA class. I passed the written but failed the skills portion because I had never learned how to do anything the way the state wants it done. As for the written: EASY! I only needed a 70 and I got a 70, and that was w/o ever opening the CNA book. Most of it, if you think about it, you will know because it is a lot of common sense. So anyway, I took the CNA class and went and retook my skills portion and I passed. They give you a scenario that you are taking care of this resident and you have to help them. As far as I know you WILL have to demonstrate handwashing and communication, at least in Iowa. Then you get 5 more skills to demonstrate. As long as you go to the class and pay attention you will be FINE!
  4. by   nehi
    I started 23 years ago as a CNA and am now an RN MSN and just founded a new nurses organization. The most important things are the skills. Remember the basics, privacy, communication and handwashing. Bathing, making beds, feeding patients and transferring patients are all possibilities for testing. Treat your patients as if they were your parents,or grandparents and you be fine. Good Luck!