What is a nursing concept paper

  1. I am currently an N1 and have to write a concept paper about the topic "impaired swallowing". While I have already found many nursing journals and information on this topic, I just do not completely understand what a concept paper truly is or where to begin or what to write. Also, for a nursing theory to relate to this concept I was thinking either Johnson's Behavior System Model by Dorothy E. Johnson or the Self Care Deficit Theory by Dorothea E. Orem. How I am supposed to incorporate a theory into this paper i DO NOT UNDERSTAND. please help, I am only looking for direction of where to begin this paper and understand what exactly it is. I appreciate any help.
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  3. by   llg
    For directions on the paper, you should look to your instructor. What do the instructions for the assignment say? Is there a grading rubric you should follow? Did the instructor give the class verbal instructions for the assignment, etc. Is there a particular format you are supposed to follow? What format are your classmates using? etc.

    For example: are you supposed to include a concept map or not? That would be in the instructions you were given.

    Different schools and different instructors will want things done differently. So you need to go to the source of the assignment to get the specific instructions. We can't read your instructor's mind. Without seeing the instructions for the assignment, it's hard for us to know how to advise you.

    Good luck.
  4. by   katyq82
    I would also clarify the instructions with your professor. When I hear "concepts", I think of major domains of nursing-- the ones that come to mind with impaired swallowing would be nutrition and/or safety. Definitely ask your professor for more guidance!