What exactly is expected of a student in nursing clinicals? - page 3

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  1. by   janis9799
    I disagree with the fact that someone brought up age in this. That she should kinda get the benefit of the doubt because she is an older student. I am an older student, single mom of two kids, I shouldn't get a pass on safe nursing practices for that, I don't expect one. Can you imagine if she did gave a med to child not knowing the pound/kilogram ratio and wound up hurting a child? And her excuse would be,"Gee sorry I hurt your child but I am an older student, so you will just have to forgive me." You can either do this safely or not. And the fact that she has twelve years of experience as an LPN scares me more too like someone else mentioned. I would think after all of those years she should know how do conversions. Lastly, to address that the stance that the doctor writes the weights and scripts and does all the thinking as far as the meds go...the meds stop here with the nurses, we are the last line of defense against mistakes the doctors and pharmacy might make.