1. Hi All,
    If you go to West Coast University or know anything about the university and how their clinical placement works, please read the following. I really need some answers.

    So anyways, I have a huge issue with my clinical site. I found out that I will be rotating to a unit in which I know two individuals who i have personal issues with (very personal family issues) in which i do not want to disclose. Anyways, I expressed my concerns to my clinical professor during week 9 (I know its late, but that's when I found out I was rotating to their unit). It is now week 10 (which is our vacation week before we start our new term), and I have been trying to contact whoever is in charge of our clinicals (clinical director, dean, student advisor, EVERYBODY) about the issue, but I havent gotten a response. I've made calls, emails, and have even gone there in person but each time I have gone, they are in meetings, lunch, etc etc and everybody else who works there do not know any information and cannot even set up a meeting. It's been very frustrating. My clinical instructor has expressed that she doesnt want me in her clinical because she does not want any problems between the school and the Clinical site.

    I guess my question is, has anybody switched clinical sites despite the term starting due to some issues? I'm just wondering if it is possible and if anybody has gone through something similar where they had to switch clinical sites last minute.

    Thanks for your responses.
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  3. by   bethoney
    I suggest that you email the executive director of your campus, director of student services and reach out to the University Dean (Find her on Blackboard~very responsive). You will need to disclose the situation when you get to the right person...this could be considered a Title IX situation, but without details I wouldn't know. Best!
  4. by   Julesrnwcu
    Dear Nursing Student 0828,

    My name is Julie France, I am the University Director of Clinical Development at West Coast University. I am reaching out to you to let you know that the University does take the situation you shared very seriously and I would like to follow up with you. I am hoping we can schedule a time to talk via telephone. Is there a telephone number where I may reach you and a day and time that works best for us to talk (maybe this weekend or Monday)?

    You can find my email through WCU too.
    Thank you!