Weekend nursing programs in Arizona do they exist?

  1. I have a question about nursing schools in AZ.
    I was wondering if anyone knows of any schools in AZ that have weekend programs for nursing. I called a few places that where listed on www.discovernursing.com.
    However, I did not have any luck.
    I live in MA, now I need to move since the cold weather is bothering me.
    In MA they have night and weekend programs for nursing.
    However, in AZ I did not see any weekend programs.
    I am looking to get a job full time and I will need to take the courses on the weekends.

    Does anyone know any schools in AZ that offer associate degree programs on the weekends?

    I know some of the courses I can take online etc.
    However, the hand on stuff I will need to take on the weekends.

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