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  1. by   arciedee
    Quote from Tommybabe
    I know I'm reviving this thread, but I only just realized that I have to worry about immunization requirements for LPN school, which starts this July. (If I get in.) Forgive me if I seem confused about everything, but I have no idea exactly what immunizations I have had. I know that I got a hepatitus B vaccine and a TB test for work, but I have no clue about whether I have protection against MMR, or have had a tetanus shot. I did have the chicken pox, but I have no proof of that since I didn't go to a doctor. I have no idea who my pediatrician was, and my parents and grandparents have passed away, and they were the only ones who would know who she or he was. I called the LPN school about immunization requirements, but all they told me was not to worry about it until after the entrance exam, which is the one thing that determines who gets into the LPN class. However, I don't want to not get in because I didn't have the required immunizations. I hear about these titers, and I'm wondering if they would be "enough" to show that I have immunity, even though I have no immunization records. If I'm not immune, will I have enough time between now and the start of school to catch up with certain vaccinations? I'm just worried that not having a record, so to speak, will keep me from nursing school.
    Apparently it depends on the school judging from the original post, but for my school you had to either show proof of immunization OR get a titre showing that you had the antibodies to the respective diseases. I've never had a situation where I had to show proof of immunity before being able to obtain a titre. If I ran into that I think I'd find myself a different provider!

    If, for whatever reason, the results of a titre indicate that you do not have sufficient antibodies you will likely just have to get a booster. As for chicken pox, I don't believe my school required proof of that one, just an indication of whether we had it or not... I had not had it as a kid, so I did end up getting the vaccines, though, and provided proof of such. As for tetanus, if you don't recall getting a booster recently (you need one every ten years), it's probably time for a new one. As I stated elsewhere in this thread, at least in my part of the country, we had to have our most recent tetanus booster within the past TWO years, because during that time they have added a pertussis booster to the vaccine, and we needed to be sure we had that version.

    Please try not to stress. Once you are accepted (think positive!) they will let you know what all you need to do.
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    Thanks for responding, arciedee. I'm trying to think positive about nursing school. I think one of my coworkers attended the LPN program that I'm interested in, so when she comes back from vacation, I'll ask her what immunizations will be required. I just never really thought about them until recently.