1. Hey Everybody,

    This summer so far has been disappointing b/c I've been trying to get a job at a hospital in my area. I've called and applied to plenty of places, but most want nursing students who have had at least a semester of clinicals (I start clinicals in the fall). While waiting to hear from this one rehab. hospital (I'm keeping my fingers crossed), I just got a volunteer position at the medical clinic in my town. They are really excited to have me b/c they lack nurses on some days so I can do the basics such as vital signs and whatnot. Although I won't be getting paid, at least I'll be getting my foot in the door and hopefully will learn a lot. So does anyone else volunteer their services??

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  3. by   northwest20
    yes, i volunteer in a hospital once a week
  4. by   kats
    I am not volunteering now, but have in the past. When I was in high school, I volunteered with several programs for kids with disabilities. Then I volunteered at the hospital in town and worked in ICU, CICU, and intermediate care. Last year, I volunteered at the hospital on base and worked in surgery and the lab. While I was in the lab, I got my Phlebotomy certificate. I know that some nursing schools require a certain number of volunteer hours in a hospital before submitting an application. I actually think that would be a good idea if they all did because then more people would know what they are getting into before starting school. I have just heard from so many people about students starting nursing school and then dropping out when they find out that being a nurse isn't like "ER" or "Scrubs" or some soap opera. Just my opinion, of course.