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  1. Hey all. I am only about to begin my rn program, which is a task in itself. However after I graduate, I plan on moving to orlando, where I plan to find a rn-bsn bridge program. I have a terrible undergraduate gpa from formerly being a business major, but pretty good science courses, luckily my rn program was based on a point system. Any how once I have my asn from my current school, (FCCJ) I was wondering how difficult it is to get into UCF. I have heard from some that it is just as difficult as the regular bsn program, but others say it is very easy to get accepted. to me it should be easy since ucf does not offer a rn program, only bsn, so anyone doing the bride would be from another school. any how can anyone tell me about ucf particular? and if not does anyone know for certain whether rn-bsn bridges are easy or difficult to get into? my undergraduate gpa is in the 2.2's. however hopefully it will be close to 3 after the asn program. Thank you!!
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    I have the same problem as you autopsy I have a 2.6 gpa because I was a 3 rd year pharmacy major at Famu before I had my little girl. Fortunately we have four semsters to bring up our GPA. I wAs told from a friend that gradutated from UCG BSN program that its not that hard to get into the regular BSN track so I can imagine it cant possibly be that hard for the RN-BSN track. Also, I dont know if you are just limiting your choices to orlando but FAMU has a good nursing school and if you graduate with a minimum of a 2.5 from the fccj rn program you are almost guaranteed acceptance.
  4. by   autopsy
    Thanks for the reply, but yes I'm really looking at staying in orlando for the rn-bsn. I dont know if there are any other schools in orlando that offer the bridge, but I havent found any so far. so hopefully ucf isnt that hard to get into.