Trying to find job as GN

  1. Well I will be graduating in August and everyone had began their job search and interviews. I applied to many places all over PA because Im willing to move and have no limitations. Only thing is I heard back from 3 hospitals already that they are not accepting applications for GN's. They only need experienced RN's right now. This is kinda ridiculous, how do they expect you to get any experience if no one is hiring GN's. Does anyone know any places hiring right now. Im kinda freakin out about be able to find a job once I graduate.lsebeg:
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  3. by   Violet08
    I graduated in December and am still in the process of finding a job.

    A few things that I would recommend:

    1) Make a list of everyone you know that works at a hospital. Ask them to keep you updated and that you are interested in working once you graduate. People that work at hospitals already generally have a good idea of the hiring practices.

    2) As you apply for positions make a spread sheet of all the positions you apply for. I have an excel one that has a column for hospital system, hospital, unit, shift, status, follow up, position filled, nurse recruiter, nurse manager and date applied. This will help you keep track of the positions you apply for and who to contact.

    3) Call the hospitals you want to work for. Ask what units they hire new grads onto (some hospitals only hire you full time med-surg, others will hire part-time or into specialties). Ask if they have a new grad program or internship. Keep track of this information.

    4) If you aren't already, start working at a hospital before you graduate. Even if it is only per diem it will help you because you will be considered an internal applicant once you become a nurse. The people that graduated with me and started working were all internal hires. I can't get an interview at either hospital but people I went to school with are off orientation.

    When I graduated in December I really did not think it would take this long to find a job. I was an extern over the summer and had a great evaluation. They encouraged me to apply for nursing positions when I graduated, but I haven't even been able to get an interview at the hospital I worked at. All the positions are going to internal applicants (which I am not considered because I haven't worked there since August).

    Good luck!
  4. by   gina3094
    Thanks for the advice..hope some of this helps!..i figured since i dont have a shift preference or location preference that it would be easier. I mean i still have a few months but i really thought i would hear back from some places i applied to. Good luck with your search!