trouble getting organized at clinicals

  1. hello everyone..i started and adn program in august, and at our school, we have lecture once a week, skills lab once a week, and clinicals twice a week. we are expected to put extra hours in for skills and also have a computer program to work with. anyway, just wanted to explain the program a bit. i am having a really rough time adjusting to clinicals. i am having trouble being organized, and getting everything accomplished. we just moved to a new facility, too, so everything is different than where we had been recently. i am usually physically sick every morning before clinicals. i feel extremely incompetent and have no self confidence while at clinicals. i just don't know how to get it together. i feel like i'm just not getting the hang of it. 99% of the time i feel clueless. and the nurses are always so's hard to ask questions because they already have about a million and one things going on..i'm really starting to wonder if i can stick with this. i feel like a failure every day after i leave the facility. any suggestions would be appreciated..thanks
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