to everyone here please pat yourselves on the back

  1. Always be proud of yourselves even when a test or paper doesn't come out the way you want it
    You have made a very big step into bettering your life and mind
    you have taken a challenge that not all people take nor do they have the gumption to take
    Always remeber that when it gets tough that you are tougher because you took the first step to education and that is the hardest step there is too make
    the rest will eventually fall into place even if it takes more than one try at it
    now that things are winding down for all of you take a deep breath and look in the mirror and be proud of yourselves
    Nursing maybe an unthankful job by others but you will feel thanks when you can help someone or their family
    Congrats on your first step into this new life:kiss
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  3. by   Gromit
    Thanks! But may I offer a small moment of silence, for those fellow students that didn't make it out of the last class(es).
    I just finished up my first year, and it feels good to be 'in between' semesters.
    Still, feels good to get one more class under the belt, and one step closer to my new career!
  4. by   suzannasue
    Thanks farmmom....give yerself a big old pat on the back too...
    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((farmmom)))))))))))))))) )))))))))))))))))

    Such a nice thing for you to do !!!!!
  5. by   2amigos
    Thanks farmmom! I just found out that barring a miracle, I'm going to have to repeat A&P1 next semester. I was heartbroken at first, doubting that I'm scientifically "smart" enough for nursing. My husband reminded me that I started from scratch this last summer, and so what if it takes me another semester to get into the RN program, the time will go by anyway and the A&P won't be so new and overwhelming to me this next time. I felt like such a failure and that I was letting myself and my family down. I know now I'm not and that I can only take it step at a time.
    Thanks for the words of encouragement!!!! They are VERY much appreciated!
    Cheryl Moore