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  1. Has anyone ever met someone who continously tries to out do you? Or copies you? As far as the nursing world? Im beginning to not tell people where I plan to go to school or where I work because when I do, i get congested by people I would rather not be around on a daily basis but its where they've seen or heard what Im doing and im suppose to think what? Its not flattering to me, oh you work in pediatrics, that's what i want to do, before i know it, they're trying to get a job where I am only to constantly talk about them self. Im starting at a private college that some said wouldnt be good for me, yet i got accepted, going for my bsn because i felt limited being in lvn school and now i have those same people messaging me saying theyll be applying for the same school as well. I hate to sound 4, but i also hate that i feel upset that i cant seem to just have my own little life without having someone message me that theyre doing the same yet dont speak to me any other time? Can someone please either tell me this is totally normal or tell me how to get over it, because this particular person continously poured her drama onto me during the lvn program and I really wanted my fresh start all to myself haha it really bothers me (sounds like im 4 haha)
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  3. by   queserasera
    Imitation is the biggest form of flattery. Also... that most annoying.
    Just don't tell anyone anything anymore.
    Unless you move away you'll probably still be running into the same people though