The Test Prayer...

  1. Now I Lay Me Down To Study,

    I Prayer The Lord I Won't Go Nutty.

    If I Should Fail To Learn This Junk,

    I Pray The Lord I Will Not Flunk.

    But If I Do, Don't Pity Me At All,

    Just Lay My Bones Down In Study Hall.

    Tell My Teacher I Done My Best,

    Then Pile My Books Upon My Chest.

    And When I Lay Me Down To Rest,

    I Pray I'll Pass Tomorrow's Test.

    If I Shall Die Before I Awake,

    That's One Less Test I'll Have To Take!

    .... Suffering Student
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  3. by   rrama
    I love it, it couldn't be more true, thanks!
  4. by   angelina28

    thank's that was really up lifting on a okay day.. goign to print it out for some of the girls in my class they will love it.

  5. by   betts
    You're Welcome...Laughter is the best medicine!