The Inconsistencies Are Driving Me Insane !!! - page 2

Tell me if this has happened to you in nursing school ... Just as an example: you're studying nursing interventions ... and you know they're going to ask test questions like ... what do you do... Read More

  1. by   studentnurserachel
    Rest assured this won't be the only time you see crazy inconsistencies in nursing school. My advice: Roll with the punches. I have had to learn to keep my mouth shut and pretty much accept things. We have a challenge session after each test, but the instructors at my school seem to take it personally when you challenge a test question, even if you have a great rationale, textbook pages to cite, etc. I have learned to deal with it and pick up whatever cues I can in class. I also second previous poster on using ABCs followed by Maslow's. Yes, there will be occasional deviations based on instructor opinions, but by and large that's how prioritizing works.