thanks, you inspired me!

  1. o.k. after reading your posts I decided to check into winter intercession. Last time I took it was at cal state, it cost an arm and a leg and I had to go to school 4 days a week. I got luckier this time though. After some researching, I found a 3 unit pharmacology class accepted at the university for transfer from Woodland College (woodland is a tiny town about maybe 30-40 mins from my house) that is offered via cable tv (my neighbor will tape for me since I don't have cable). You only have to go to campus once a week for exams, and the whole thing's done in 3 weeks flat! Since I'm recently single (AGAIN at the holidays - if I ever brought anyone to x-mas dinner my family would die of a myocardial infarct!! --new word this semester hahaha) and I'm so used to having no social life anyway due to stuyding and work, at least I won't be bored over the break and feeling lonley. (Of course, how could I feel lonely w/ all you guys here to keep me company!) As for the week before intercession starts...putting more shelves in the garage, waxing my car, I'm keeping a list of honey-do's (for myself, of course!)

    Registered for school but I didn't get the phlebotomy class (darn). Going to try to add in the spring.

    Lots of hugs,
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