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    Thank you to all of the nursing instructors out there who really care about us nursing students and want us to succeed and become safe, competent nurses.

    Thank you to my nursing intsructor first semester who made me feel like there was light at the end of the tunnel.

    First semster I was scared, like everyone else walking into my first day wide eyed and petrified of screwing something up. I had heard some not so great things about my nursing instructor so I must admit that I had some preconceived notions. Luckily I could not have been more wrong and my nursing instructor turned out to be someone I respect and admire so much.

    In the middle of first semester all heck started breaking loose in my personal life with two family member very close to me being hospitalized for extended periods of time and another family member was arrested and facing potentially going to jail for a very long time. Needless to say, it was hard to stay focused I was almost finished with first semester and I was doing great I just couldn't let anything distract me. I didn't tell anyone about my personal issues including my instructor because I'm a private person and honestly didn't really want to think about it or talk about it.

    We were doing a lab skills check off for trach suctioning and trach care towards the end of the semester and I don't know why but I was so nervous and my voice was shaking as I was explaining everything and all these thoughts were going through my head that I wouldn't be cut out to be a nurse, and I couldn't do it. Some how I fumbled my way through it without missing anything and passed the check off. I am still bewildered as to how. Anyway passing offered no condolences to my feelings because I was still in my head thinking maybe nursing isn't for me, maybe I'm not well equipped enough to handle stress. In the middle of my internal self doubt as I was leaving the room my nursing instructor stopped me and said, "you know what, I can see you being a nurse you have this way about you, the way you approach things it's a great quality for a nurse to have." Then she just called the next student to come in.

    I know it may seem like something so small but it was what I needed in that moment and I am so appreciative of her. She gave me confidence that maybe I can do this, maybe I can become a safe, competent, maybe even a great nurse. I was able to take this confidence with me to the next semester and passed second semester with flying colors and less stress and I am moving into third.

    So thank you to every nursing instructor or clinical instructor out there, even if your nursing students don't always show it, you are appreciated. And if anyone else has a great story about an instructor who made an impact on you please share
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